Accessibility is one of the most important factors in maintaining a strong, local economy. Union County is very fortunate to have a healthy transportation network of roads, rail, and air. Via US Highway 74, Union County is just minutes from Interstates I-485, I-77, and I-85, while under two-hours to I-95. These interstates give quick access to the north and south, as well as, the coastal ports.

With the importance of international trade in today’s global economy, access to ports can be a critical factor for a successful company. Products can leave Union County and be in the Port of Wilmington (NC), the Port of Charleston (SC) of the Port of Savannah (GA) in approximately three hours, minimizing the chance of a missed shipment. Rail service, provided by CSX, is integral to many industries in our community. Additionally, both CSX and Norfolk Southern have intermodal yards within the Region further enhancing the ability to transport using a blend of rail, truck, and ship.

Productive time has now become more valuable than money itself, so strong air travel opportunities are vital to a successful business environment. Charlotte-Douglas International Airport is the crown jewel of the Charlotte Region. As the Southeast hub for US Airways; the airport conducts over 642 daily flights; departing for 29 international locations, including Germany, France, Brazil, Great Britain, Canada, and Mexico, and offers nonstop flights to over 140 domestic and international destinations.

Union County is also fortunate to have one of the strongest local airports in the State. The Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport is the primary reliever airport for Charlotte-Douglas and handles much of the corporate traffic in the region. The 7,000 foot long runway serves the existing general aviation community and also supports the larger corporate jets. The addition of a customs agent catapults the capabilities of the airport into an elite category, allowing international traffic direct access to Union County. As part of the National Integrated Airport System and with over 57,000 operations per year, Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport provides a confidential and secure location for corporate travel without the delays faced in typical commercial airports.

Due to this highly integrated transportation network, companies are able to move products by truck, rail, ship, and air at very competitive prices to the world marketplace.

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